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difficult job starting at the end of November 2010 of caring for my Mom, while putting up with my father who was not as cooperative as everyone would have wished. In fact he was very, very difficult and made your daily work even harder. They are both very private people and it has been a difficult adjustment in their lives having care-givers in their home.

You did an excellent job given these circumstances and the resistance you encountered, of helping them both, and we are all very appreciative of your efforts! Thank you for your perseverance.

You are a very kind, giving person and the world would be a much better place if there were Imeldas to serve as examples! Please know that all three of Shirley and Leon’s kids and their spouses are very grateful that you were willing to assist us during this difficult transitions their lives by making their life a little more comfortable.

We all hope that you now have more agreeable clients and that your work is much easier.

We all wish you the very best in your life. Thank you again for your assistance and support.

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