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As we age it is inevitable that our social life slows down. Sometimes it is for a lack of energy, other times it is because of interruptions in social patterns brought on by the loss of a loved one or close friends. Other times there are physical or medical reasons why socialization becomes more challenging.

Loneliness can become its own medical condition. It manifests itself in many ways.   People who are lonely might be less likely to maintain good nutrition, follow their medical prescriptions, or recognize the development of other issues like depression.

At Better Living Homecare, we provide Companion Care for seniors who suffer disproportionately from social isolation and loneliness.  We spend quality time with them to help maintain some of the relationships that are essential to good health.

This often includes activities like engaging a favorite pastime or hobby, eating meals together,  becoming a regular face to share news and family updates with, taking care of a pet, playing cards or going on walks.  Our Companion Service goes a long way to fending off loneliness and it certainly makes all the difference.

Having a regularly scheduled Better Living Homecare companion visit creates a continuity of care that means minor issues like missed meals, medications, or appointments can be discovered and reported to family and caregivers before the situation gets worse. Companion Care services can be the lifeline for our loved ones who no longer have the energy or physical well-being to live comfortably without assistance.  It’s the helping hand that many seniors need to live happily in the comfort of their own home.

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