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Many families are faced with the overwhelming challenge of caring for a disabled child, family member, relative or friend. Respite care services provide a much needed break to family members who care for disabled loved ones.

At Better Living we help families to care for their loved ones at home. Our experienced, compassionate staff provides individualized care and supervision for clients of all types, from children to adults. We will work with you to fit a plan to the family’s needs.

Our Respite & Care Services

  • Support children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Improve independent living
  • Assist with personal care tasks, daily activities, and decision making
  • Provide needed time off for those who care for family members
  • Encourage recreational skills in the areas of games, sports, and arts and crafts
  • Apply minor behavior intervention to encourage positive behavior while we help maintain an overall daily routine
  • We always believe in going the extra mile for our clients and service coordinators
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